Centre québécois de recherche et de développement de l’aluminium (CQRDA)

Created in 1993, the CQRDA (Québec centre for aluminum research and development) actively supports networking between small-to-medium-sized businesses, teaching institutions and both public and private-sector research centres in Québec.

The CQRDA provides technical and financial support for creative and innovative promoters of R&D projects that propose promising new uses for aluminum.

Through its R&D watch and networking activities, the Centre has spent the past 25 years seeing to the productive transfer of knowledge and know-how and of new technologies that are contributing to the wealth of Québec.

The CQRDA is an invaluable reference on current progress in the Québec aluminum industry.

France Tremblay, director of networking and guidance
T.: 418.545.5520 


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