Intelligent Transport, AI, Big Data


PROMPT is an industrial research consortium in the field of digitization and information and communications technologies in Québec. It promotes the creation of partnerships and provides resources for project design as well as funding of R&D involving industrial and institutional research groups. Projects in all sub-sectors of this vast domain may be funded, including development of software, hardware, components, networks and applications. As innovation brokers, PROMPT aims to revitalize the ICT innovation and collaborative research network. With financial support from the government of Québec and the private sector, PROMPT stimulates the creation of new alliances that improve the R&D capabilities of Québec businesses, stimulates private-sector investment in research and fosters the development of highly qualified personnel to maintain or increase the competitiveness of Québec. PROMPT is a proud partner of TechnoPolys.

Jinny Plourde, Director of PSO, Quantum & INNOV-R programs
T.: 514 875-0032 ext. 14

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