Pôle de recherche et d’innovation en matériaux avancés du Québec (PRIMA Québec)

PRIMA Quebec provides coordination and support for the advanced materials ecosystem that drives innovation and growth throughout Quebec. Through its support and the funding it provides, it helps boost the competitiveness of Québec companies by enabling them to benefit from research expertise. The targeted sectors of application include transport, infrastructure, energy, environment, microelectronics, telecommunications, health, chemistry, textiles.

 Technologies targeted by this call for projects include primarily:

  • New materials: Polymers, elastomers, biomaterials, metals, innovative fillers, cellulosic filaments, natural and synthetic fibers, nanomaterials, etc.
  • Formulated materials or high-performance finished or semi-finished products: Composites (TD or TP), rubbers, alloys, ceramics, smart textiles, flexible materials, membranes, thin layers, coatings, biocompatible materials, encapsulation, sensors, etc.
  • Implementation processes, scaling and new characterization techniques: Additive manufacturing and 3D printing, modification and surface treatment, micro/nanofabrication, tools, new characterization tools, modeling and simulation, shaping processes, etc.

Michel Lefèvre, B. eng., Ph.D., Principal Advisor, Technology and Innovation
T.: 514 284-0211, ext. 227


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