Program details and parameters

The financial assistance consists of a non-refundable and non-recurring financial contribution.

Régular way Express way
Companies located in Québec, min. 1
Companies located outside of Québec (optional) Yes, as 2nd business
Québec public research institutes or QPRI (university, CTTC or public research centre), min. 1
Starting Technology Readiness Level NMT 1-6  NMT 1-6
INNOV-R funding, max. of eligible expenses 40 % 50 %
Private funding, min. of eligible expenses 20 %
(50 % of wich may be in kind)

50 %

(50 % of wich may be in kind)

Complementary public funding It is possible to add other federal, provincial (other than MEI) or municipal funding sources No public co-financing possible
Cumulative public funding, max. eligible expenses 80%
Maximal duration of projects 3 years
Maximal INNOV-R* funding
(may vary depending on the industrial sector)

Up to $500,000/year                                                              499 999 $ max

(*) Funding includes all MEI contributions: grant, ICR and management fees

Important Notes:

  • The funders of a project approve a single budget presenting all the activities. Thus, the matching of a project already funded by the addition of new activities funded by the RSRI does not comply with program standards. In addition, the sources of co-financing identified must be free from existing commitments.
  • Other sources of public funding can come, for example, from CRSNG, PARI-CNRC, MITACS (non-MEI party). Please contact the RSRI where you are submitting your request for more information.